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The international haulage in Latvian Republic is regulated according to the international contracts and agreements concluded by Latvia.

Latvian Republic has joined the following international contracts and conventions on the road haulage:
  • Customs convention on the international transportation of cargoes with the application of TIR-carnet: TIR Convention of November, 14th, 1975;
  • Convention on the Contract on the international road haulage: CMR Convention of May, 19th, 1956;
  • Convention on the Contract on the international road haulage of passengers and luggage: CVR Convention of March, 1st, 1973;
  • Contract of the European states concerning work of crews of vehicles at international road haulage: AETR Contract of July, 1st, 1970;
  • Contract on the international transportations of dangerous cargoes by motor transport (ADR Contract of September, 30th, 1957);
  • European conference of transport ministers (ECMT).
     Latvian haulers use all possibilities given by these agreements for realization of international transportations in various East-West directions: using TIR mode, within the limits of bilateral agreements, following ECMT permissions. 

According to CMR Convention international haulers should show the international commodity-transport CMR waybill. CMR waybill is valid only at registration in the forwarding state. 

In cases when the international road haulage is carried out by the consignee himself, at cargo import to Latvia he as well should show the international CMR waybill and other documents necessary for the customs control. At registration of the customs control Latvian carriers are shown license cards, confirming that the owner of the vehicle has necessary license for commercial transportations. Latvian Republic has bilateral intergovernmental agreements on road haulage with a number of states. These agreements provide an allowing system of regulations for contracting parties’ haulers’ activity on the territory of the other party. 

To carry out road haulage between territories of the states of contracting parties and transit through the territories of the states of contracting parties, haulers need “Permission to the international road haulage” preliminary given out by competent body of the second party, except for cases of specially stipulated kinds of transportations. At entrance to Latvia carriers of the specified states should show the permission to the international transportations, also in case of transportation in TIR mode. 

Permissions are issued
within annual quotas for foreign international haulers defined by competent bodies of contracting parties. In Latvian Republic such body is State directorate on motor transport of the Ministry of connections. 

Foreign vehicles
can carry out passenger or freight transportations through or within Latvian territory merely according to the requirements of those intergovernmental contracts, which are concluded with foreign states, in which the vehicle (or at least the tractor) is registered, by the Government of Latvian Republic or Latvian Republic Ministry of connections; or according to the temporary protocol signed by the Ministry of connections. 

Passenger vehicles, which are carrying out irregular passenger transportations, do not need permissions to the international transportations, except the cases provided by the corresponding intergovernmental contract. 
At implementation of irregular passenger transportations the driver of a vehicle (bus) should have a list of passengers – “the trip Data card", on which the customs office of Latvian Republic makes a mark at entrance and at departure from the republic territory, and the composition of passengers during a trip cannot vary. There are cases, when for caused time the bus leaves a group of passengers in Latvia and leaves.
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