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LR  Law "About the road haulage" regulates legal relations between a hauler, for whom passenger and freight traffic by vehicles is a professional work, and the consigner, the consignee or passengers. 

Freight traffic can be carried out merely in that case, if the hauler has received
special permission (license), issued by the Directorate of vehicles. 

In the points of Latvian Republic boundary control the observance of road haulage business licensing rules is executed by the service of boundary security. 

Haulages are carried out according to the contract, pursuant to which the hauler incurs the obligation to deliver the cargo entrusted to him by the consigner to the terminal point and give it out to its consignee, and the consigner undertakes to pay for cargo transportation. 
    The following contracts are concluded merely in written:
  • Contracts about freight traffic, at performance of which it is provided for usage of the direct mixed communication;
  • Contracts about the international freight traffic;
  • Contracts about transportation of dangerous cargoes;
  • Contracts of all cases, when it is demanded by the consigner.

Concluding a written contract is equated to the booking, issuing a commodity waybill of the established sample. 

Physical and legal bodies, who are carrying out haulages on the territory of Latvia, insure the civil legal liability for damage, which may be caused in the issue of traffic accidents. 

Owners of cargo, who provide dangerous cargoes for transportation on the territory of Latvia, must insure their civil legal liability for the damage, which can impair the third parties and their property or the environment, due to the transportation. 

Physical and legal bodies, who are carrying out international haulages, must insure their civil legal liability for possible damage in connection with transportations, according to the positions of international contracts.
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