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Trains arriving from abroad and destined to Latvian railway stop for customs registration and examination at the established railway cargo boundary transfer stations on railway tracks, according to technological process of the station workflow, coordinated with the customs body.

    The cargoes arriving with freight train from abroad, should be accompanied by the transfer sheet (until the coordination of changes in boundary Agreements with the next railways, cargo reception and transfer are made on the wagon list of a train, according to the given Agreements), transportation and other documents, concerning to them, which are shown in the customs body.

    The cargoes moved in freight trains through customs border of Latvian Republic, from the moment of their arrival on railway cargo border stations and before full customs registration are under the customs control.

    Cargo reception and delivery at transfer stations are made according to the contracts and boundary Agreements, concluded by the Ministry of communication of Latvian Republic.

    In cases listed below, cargo is not accepted by Latvian railway from the handing over railway: 
  • The condition and packing of cargo does not allow its further transportation;
  • Import and transit of this cargo is forbidden in Latvia;
  • The forwarding railway or the forwarder did not observe special conditions, on which reception of the given cargo to transportation depends;
  • The freight has arrived without transportation documents or with documents, having lacks, which do not allow further transportation;
  • In other cases provided by international agreements.

        Thus, the statement with the reason of not accepting the cargo is drawn up. Then in daily term from the moment of the wagon’s receipt on Latvian railway the wagon comes back to the handing over railway with a certificate, drawn up for not accepted wagons.

        In a case if, for any reasons, cargo without transportation documents has arrived from abroad and has been accepted on Latvian railway, or daily term for return of cargo to the handing over party is delayed, then on such cargoes officials of transfer station draw up a commercial statement. Such cargoes are on responsible storage of the station. In case of granting the documents, necessary for the customs control, to the customs body in a month, these cargoes continue to their destination. Such documents can be: a telegram, a telex or a fax about the cargo belonging, which have arrived from the forwarding, destination or sorting station.

        In case if the documents are not filed in a month, the railway stores cargo, having permission and under the control of customs until the customs’ decision on the given cargo. Expenses on storage of such cargoes are charged from the consignee.
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