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Freight trains, crossing the custom border of Latvia, must be shown to the customs supervision and formalized on the tracks of prescribed freight frontier gateway stations, according to the workflow of the station, coordinated with the custom authority. 

Freight forwarder must enclose accompanying forms, which are necessary to follow custom’s and other rules, to the consignment note. If necessary the certificate and specification should be enclosed as well. 

Freight forwarder bears full responsibility for the consequence, which may appear due to the absence, lack or incorrectness of accompanying forms. 

Railway stations accept freights for transportation over
Latvia’s frontiers merely having the bill of entry, issued at the custom authority.
The freight train is formed only from the wagons, which have passed the custom supervision. 

        In case of delay, caused by an incorrect customs clearance of the freight or freight container, which is located in a collapsible wagon, it is allowed to unload the delayed cargo or the whole freight container on the goods yard of the station under the answerable storage of the railway. This has to be marked in the traffic documents. The collapsible wagon with the rest of the cargo, which has passed the customs clearance, must be sent to its intended destination.         

In case there is a delay of freight transportation or release due to the execution of the customs supervision, because the forwarder or the recipient did not provide necessary accompanying forms or the enclosed documents are insufficient or invalid, the cargo has to be kept under the customs supervision. The forwarder or the recipient are exacted for the delay, cargo storage and detention of cars by established fines, pays, dues and fees.

If the forwarder would like his empty or other means of conveyance, which do not belong to the roads, be sent back from the destination station to the forwarding station, he should stipulate in the consignment note that the container or other means of conveyance have to be sent back. The frontier customs authority makes appropriate marks on the consignment note. Such containers or other means of conveyance are sent back to the owner with no custom duty, preparing and filling in only of freight customs entry, issued for the time of three months from the day of arrival. 
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