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Cargo cost 

At calculation of customs payments, customs cost of the goods is accepted as the basis. The procedure of determination of customs cost for the goods is established by the Cabinet Council. Cost of the imported goods represents the cost of the commodity transaction, that is the price, which is actually paid or is subjected to payment for the goods, when they are sold for export or being imported to the customs territory of Latvian Republic, and it is coordinated, if necessary, with the established order of reckoning of expenses (expenses for intermediary except for money for intermediary at purchase, container cost if it is considered, that the container together with the estimated goods forms a single whole, packing cost, including cost of packing material and packing works; a corresponding part of cost of such goods and services, which have been directly or indirectly given the buyer free of charge or for the lowered payment for the purpose of their use for manufacture or sale).

    Customs cost do not include the following expenses, which should be specified separately in the actually paid price:
- Expenses on transportation of the goods on customs territory of LR;
- Expenses on assembly, installation, maintenance or warranty service of the imported industrial equipment, techniques or outfit;
- Expenses for the intermediary, concerning the sale of the imported goods, irrespective of the fact, whether the seller or other person implements the payment, if such payment is made according to the written contract and the buyer, if necessary, can assure, that such goods really are on sale under the actually paid price or that the expenses for intermediary do not exceed the level of expenses of similar transactions in the corresponding state during the corresponding period of time;
- Expenses for the right to produce goods on the customs territory of LR;
- Money for intermediary at purchase;
- Customs payments in relation to import and sale of the goods on the customs territory of LR. 
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